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The Rosie Motene story is about a young girl born to the Bafokeng nation during the apartheid era in South Africa. At the time, Rosie’s mother worked for a white Jewish family in Johannesburg who offered to raise the child as one of their own. This generous gesture by the family created many opportunities for Rosie but also a trail of sacrifices for her parents. As she grew, Rosie struggled with many identity crises, as she lived her life, hating her black skin, and African identity and everything that went with it, including her mother tongue language. She had access to the best of everything but as a black girl, she floundered without her own culture or language. This book describes Rosie’s journey through her fog of alienation to the belated dawning of her self-discovery as an African. 

ROSIE MOTENE graduated from Wits University with a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts. She was trained as a TV producer through Multichoice SA. Rosie was also trained as a counsellor, speaker, and activist through a women’s organisation called POWA (people opposing women abuse). 

Rosie started her on-screen career as a TV presenter than an actress. She then landed a principal role in Africa’s most prolific soap opera, Generations. Rosie has starred in a number of films and TV series including the internationally acclaimed Hotel Rwanda and later presented, directed and produced the lifestyle show Studio 53. She now manages her own Pan African talent agency, Waka Talent Agency, and has also been active for over a decade in generating awareness of women and children abuse across the African continent. She has also found time to write the story of her life. 

Interview on EWN.

RealTalk with Anele.


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